Helping out is super fun for children. Nurturing plants and animals is one way to feel great, and useful.

But my smile flips upside down to a frown —

seeing next door’s garden — so parched and brown.

Jump, JUMP, JUMP! It feels great to help out,

I’ll jump to make rain, to break the drought.

Belly Bubbles

In Belly Bubbles children find a handy new way to describe the bubbly anxious feelings in their tummy. The story shows that when they examine a worry a bit closer, often with a trusted person, they can more easily ‘pop’ it away.

I won’t let worried feelings hang around, no way!

I pretend they’re bubbles, to pop POP POP away.

If you don’t yet know how, it’s simpler than you think,

first take a deep breath in — breathe out to make them shrink.

The Magic Feather Tail

Feathertail is a fun story that captures the magical world of imaginary play.

‘It’s magic!’ she whispered, with playful eyes,

but never would say the reason why.

She kept it hanging over her bed in her room.

Oh how I wished I had one too.

Silver Lining

Disappointment can be a difficult emotion for little ones to manage. Trying to find the silver lining where possible can lighten the blow!

Have you heard clouds have a silver lining?

At times like these, you’ll find it shining.

Most of the castle was sadly cleared,

but something new magically appeared.

Little Lights

There is magic to be found in unlikely places. Little ones are experts in finding it! The little lights that surround us are an easy way to enjoy some magic in the everyday.

The friendly flame smiles, ‘Watch me flicker fast then slow,

watch me dance until the wax swallows my dimming glow.’

Other nights it hushes,‘Try to be as still as me,

then float away to sleep on calm and gentle seas.’


A story of adventure and friendship unique to childhood.

Catching my breath, I see the kids crouch low,

they’ve found my secret hidden hollow.

Knobbly, gnarly — so fairy-like inside,

an enchanting place for kiddies to hide.


Likening the varying emotions of love and affection to a waterfall can help children identify how they are feeling in different situations. This understanding empowers them to respond in a way they are comfortable with.

Or when friends say goodbye and want to give a kiss,

yet our heart really wants to give that part a miss.

Instead you could give a hug, or high five their hand,

when your heart is not sure, people will understand.

Ow Escape

Ow Escape contains some practical tips to help settle children with pain. The same tips can also be applied successfully for difficulties waiting or sleeping.

But if a pesky Ow keeps you awake,

try my next trick to give it the shake.

Imagine you’re lying on a magic rug,

that flies you away with a whoosh and a tug.

Puddles Round the World

A fun story that visits children in different countries around the world, all enjoying the simple joy of jumping in puddles. An opportunity to show that despite differences in cultures, races, appearances or skills – children find the same joy in the same things.

Puddles round the world

fill with drops and drops of rain,

they’ve all got different names,

but still they are the same.


Orangey celebrates the changing seasons and the myriad benefits of our beautiful trees.

Suddenly the wind blows a gust so strong,

sending leaves tumbling with their falling song!

Spinning down and round like glowing sprinkles,

they twist and fall, while their song gently tinkles.

Rainbow Lotus

Our differences can sometimes be our best asset, as the Rainbow Lotus discovers.

But it’s not long til you begin to agree,

being all the colours is extraordinary.

All are drawn to your bright, brilliant bloom,

overhead dragonflies whir, zip and zoom.

Jumping Joey

A sleepy bedtime story – a busy day in nature ends with a cosy, safe place to sleep.

You have long, furry feet, just right for jumping,

you have a long, springy tail, just right for thumping.

You hop along through the gum trees with Mummy,

we know just who you are? That’s right, a joey!